Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Issue of A New World Order: A Post Bush Kissinger World?

Nixon and Kissinger created a new detente w/ China, an opening...
Communists from the East meet the practical power brokers of the West

over Market economies....
and both get very wealthy.....

This is true Kissinger pragmatism...and one that partially defines
our trade imbalance w/ both China and the world around us...

Kissinger believed in 'balance of power' power blocs from the old
Mettinichean world of classical european rule.

We have however increasingly difficult and complex third world
and independent nationalism beginning to show its head again

particularly in the developing nations of the world, and the same
goes for the Middle East and Near East

In time, knowledge of nuclear power and nuclear weapons will cover
the earth....

this is literally little in the way of keeping such knowledge and power
from an independent nation state, over time.

This kind of technology may be delayed for years, even generations
but eventually it will come to the nations of the world....

and once it does, there isn't much anyone or any body of the world
will keep it from happening...

China and the middle east have a unique tie to Israel and the mid east as

Cruise missile technology once give under strict state licensing agreements
to Israel were discovered to be almost instantly against those very agreements
and laws provided to China by Israel....for a handsome profit of course.

No problem, we just keep doing more of the same...despite all the spying
Israeli operatives have done in regards tp American naval and
submarines programs and our missle technology programs...

No problem ...nothing to worry about...

But now, Israel wants the US to back their unilateral effort to violate the sovereign national
borders of Iran and to assist w/ satelitte technology and military 'eyes in the sky' support
for their soon up and coming bombing mission of the Iranian nuclear facilities, hidden deep
within their own country's borders.

This particular hot button issue, growing more intense every day, at the present
is a good segway into how twisted America's foreign policy has become in the middle east
and beyond.

While we know the oil rich nations of the middle east, are basically holding the West hostage
within reason, to the oil production quotas they set for the world, and the massive demand
for fossil fuel energy being placed on the world market by China and India and to a much
lesser extent Brazil, and others, there is a need to rethink perhaps our present foreign
policy in the mid east, if there is one...

What we do, most often is simply play the Arab nations off against the Israeli interests.
with an eye towards making sure we don't do anything to upset our jewish congresswomen
and men...and those who back them with their riches in this nation.

At the same time, we keep the Saudi's very happy as well, by buying hundreds of billions
worth of oil from them every year.

while we decry the Saudi's dependency and the OPEC cartel, we do very little inside this
nation to make our basic industries particularly the car industry and the public to
change their ways....

but beyond this stubborn problem created mainly by our own ignorance and greed
as a nation, we also then play into the most heated and most risky ventures in perhaps
the entire world at the moment; courting a nuclear sized meltdown of the stand off
between the nations of Iran and Israel....

With our AIPAC lobby firmly centered in DC and its seroius zionistic leanings, our
nation's jewish population has little to truly worry about from the US leaders in Congress
when it comes to their professed strong public loyalty to the principles and integrity of the
nation of Palestine and Israel in particular.

What the Jewish hard liners however want beyond this is something beyond what
most nations and most people have ever enjoyed; a perfect world and one in which
day to day threats are completely non existent; sorry Israel, it simply isn't either
very realistic nor the way this world works, as you know all too well...

You can take bombing runs w/ your advance military aircraft and use the skirts of
the world's last remaining super power and hold its political leaders hostage to
your perceived need for security, [we understand and we perfectly know there was
a true holocaust, we know, so don't worry]

but..when you seek to invade another nation's airspace and borders to unilaterally
take out a perceived threat from that nation's developing technological prowness and
growth resulting from that nation's own earned income, its called pre emptive war
and its called in plain and simple human relations an impermissble violation of
relationships between states.

I would like to take those who live near their problem neighbors to something which
many experienced all too long ago say about 230 million americans and about 300 million
Russians was called the Cold War....

...every day, each hour for over Forty Years, the populations of these great nation
states, were under the sociles sword of nuclear annihilation...remember?

and everyone else in the world was along for the ride....

and very little could be done about the same, until one or more nation's either blinked
or simply backed down and found a way to coexist w/o making or taking
very crazy steps.....

... like invading the other's national borders by advance military maneuvers
as Israel believes almost with a missonary zeal, that it has the divine right to do
w/in any nation that dares to oppose or present itself as its enemy

Security needs are paramount for Israel and this is understood in a very tough neighborhood.
Their citizens have been targeted for years w/ deadly suicide bombings and threats from
their Arab neighbors.

Internal policy splits within the Israeli nation are known the world over as are the
constant serious bickering within and among their neighbors. Even this
conflict was said to be the cause of the assasination of Robert Kennedy Jr. some
forty years ago this summer

So, go figure we are tired of hearing about it ok?
Can you just get along for the rest of our sake?

are you two nations or more, the ONLY populations on earth that have in history
have faced down each other in a very heated debate over national and soveriegn

can you avoid what is so obvious the human and historical mistaken path to
resolving such critical and material disputes?

Have you not learned from the bloody narratives of history and is war the ONLY
option such nations have in resolving such issues...

....and do we lay blame, on one side, say Iran, for wanting to become and enjoy the
benefit of the technology that Israel, the good neighbors already enjoy?

is this anti semtic to even think this way?

It reminds me of the things said by those who opposed Obama this past election...

if they made ANY remark about him that seemed to be the last bit critical or
indicting of his background, instantly, it seemed, the world of tim russert and company became
combined and were more than ready to label one a racists

....great journalism? or yellow dog day

the truth lies somewhere in the middle...
and if Kissinger could make some money off of the dispute, he would be speaking
up and out about the same...

but he's too wise to not know, what Israel wants, in terms of a total security grab, is
something left for warrior poets and romantic rulers like Napolean and Ho Chi Min

and that isn't very good in a new world order that has exponentially increased the
entire world markets dependency on one another as if there is only one
banker in the world and only one real market place...

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